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有 752,086 張 烹飪 的免費圖片可供使用,而且我們世界各地的創作者每天都會添加更多圖片,
您一定可以在 photoAC 上為您的下一個個人和商業項目找到 烹飪 的高質量免費庫存圖片。

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什麼是photoAC 上流行的食品和飲料照片和圖片?

您可以在 photoAC 上輕鬆找到的最受歡迎的食品和飲料照片是包含不同食品類別(蔬菜、水果、穀物、豆類、堅果和種、肉類和家禽、魚類和海鮮、乳製品和雞蛋。)、各種類型的非酒精飲料(牛奶、茶、咖啡、氣泡飲料、果汁、能量飲料、無酒精雞尾酒、奶昔等)和酒精飲料(葡萄酒、啤酒、烈酒等),不同的美食風格(日本、中國、韓國、美國、意大利、印度、法國等)。這些食物和飲料的照片可以在不同的地方拍攝,從街上的小販、家庭烹飪台和廚房,到高級餐廳和酒吧。 photoAC 上的食品和飲料照片和圖像主要用於廣告以及博客和社交媒體上的帖子。

如何在 photoAC 上找到更好的食品和飲料照片和圖像效果?

您可以在 photoAC 的食品/飲料類別部分找到食品和飲料的照片和圖像。此外,對於特定搜索,讓我們從搜索欄開始,輸入相關關鍵字,例如“健康飲食”、“日本料理”、“葡萄酒”等。然後使用過濾器功能細化搜索結果。您可以通過選擇圖像類型(JPEG、PNG 或 PSD)、尺寸(垂直或水平)、有無人物以及照片中的顏色來優化食品和飲料照片和圖像的搜索結果。您還可以包括或排除其他關鍵字、類別和創作者姓名。

使用從 photoAC 下載的食品和飲料照片和圖像是否安全?

所有食品和飲料photoAC 上的飲品照片和圖像可以免費下載,可用於個人和商業項目。只需註冊一個免費帳戶並立即開始下載。 photoAC 上的免費用戶每天的下載時間有一些限制。如果您想無限制地下載食物和飲料的照片和圖像,您可以訂閱我們每月和每年的兩個計劃之一。為確保您正確使用我們的食品和飲料照片和圖像,請仔細檢查我們的條款和條件.

photoAC 上的所有照片和圖像都可以用於個人項目。如果您想將它們用於商業目的,請查看我們的使用指南/u>以確保您正確使用從 photoAC 下載的照片。

您可能想購買 用於特定商業用途的額外許可。請注意,額外許可僅適用於來自名為 acworks 的創作者的材料。要查找 acworks 的照片,請在搜索時使用作者姓名過濾器。


The popularity of food images and drink images

There are few things as common among cultures as our attachment, as humans, to food. Whether an elaborately prepared pot of rice cooked for a wedding ceremony in West Africa or a Turkey prepared for an American family's Thanksgiving dinner, food has always been an integral part of our cultures and everyday life. Apart from its obvious role: giving us sustenance, food, and drink have also long been objects of interest for creatives from across a wide range of artistic genres.

Creative depictions of food stock photos and drink stock photos in the forms of paintings, murals, etc., dating back to antiquity. However, the first modern food images and drink images appeared in 1845 when American photographer William H. Fox published his daguerreotype photograph of two fruit baskets titled "A Fruit Piece."

Food and drink images can depict food and drink either at the production stage, while under preparation, or while being consumed. Any type or form of food, from uncooked meat and vegetables to dishes ready to eat, can be used to produce food stock photos and drink stock photos. Also, all sorts of drinks, from tea to fruit juice and wines, can be utilized.

In contemporary times, food and drink photography aim to create beautiful food images and drink images in the still-life form. Photographers try to capture the viewer's attention and imagination, influencing such a person to want to eat or buy what is shown in the food stock photos and drink stock photos. They appeal to our senses, conjuring up nostalgic memories of amazing past dining experiences. In other words, food stock photos and drink stock photos are designed to trigger an appetite.

Food and drink images are generally used either for editorial or commercial purposes. While the former category refers to culinary magazines, cookbooks, and the like, the latter involves the employment of food stock photos and drink stock photos in brand advertising and packaging, such as on billboards and the packets of items.

Food and drink images can be created either professionally or non-professionally. Professionally taken food stock photos and drink stock photos are usually carried out by or for food and drink brands and companies. They typically involve the use of specialists such as directors of art, prop stylists, marketing managers, and experts specially trained to arrange food for photographs known as food stylists.

Non-professional food and drink image producers often produce their food images and drink images without the use of props such as fancy dining utensils, silverware, or artificial lights. They simply take pictures of their dishes in their natural state.

Today, with the advent of social media and smartphones, "foodstagramming" has become a popular phenomenon. More and more people have adopted the culture of taking snapshots of their food on the go and uploading them on social media with hashtags such as #foodie, #Quarantini, etc.

How to create eye-catching photos of food and drink

One must pay attention to certain factors to produce high-quality food stock photos and drink stock photos. These include


Use cutlery, tablecloths, dishes, garnishes, etc., that are in sync with the colors of the food and drinks you intend to shoot. You can utilize strawberries, lemons, oranges, and the like to accentuate the colors of your food and drinks. Also, ensure that the background colors are also in agreement. To give your food images and drink images a greater "homemade" feel, incorporate kitchen utensils used in the preparation of the meal into the picture.

Props such as wooden chopping boards or knives can be used to great effect. Furthermore, you can "spice up" your food and drink image background by adding fresh, colorful flowers, leaves, or food condiments as decorations. Your props create the scene for the dish.

Keep in mind, however, that these props and decorations are only there to add beauty to the main objects of the photo: food and drink.


It is most advisable to use natural light from the sun. However, direct sunlight is to be avoided. Use sunlight from a window instead. Importantly, take care to avoid involving harsh shadows in your food stock photos and drink stock photos. You can do this by placing your workstation a decent distance away from the window and standing with your face to the window. Doing this would ensure that your shadow is not cast on your dish.

Also, avoid using the flash of your smartphone's camera as this might create bad reflections.


If you have a hard time finding inspiration, you should look check out the food stock photos and drink stock photos on food blogs, social media food photography accounts, and photo sites. Be sure to note the various skills and techniques applied by photographers to create the best images of the genre. Download the ones that interest you the most and start work.

Food styling and composition

This refers to the process of arranging and preparing your food and drinks for the camera. It is advisable to use a minimalist serving of food with blank space left on the plate. This space draws attention to and shows the work off.

Be careful with your choice of colors. It is recommended to use at least two contrasting colors in food images and drink images. The color of the plate on which the food is served can provide this contrast. To create the impression of movement, you can feature a human hand scooping food from the plate or placed on or around the cup or glass of drinks. Various styling tricks can also be employed for desired effects. The illusion of frost on a bottle, for example, can be created by spraying water on it. Also, photo editing apps can be used to create fake steam coming out of a cup of hot beverage.


It is best to employ a simple background. Keep the use of props at a minimal level. A plain neutral color such as white is advisable. Your food and drinks should be the main center of attraction.


Instead of the orthodox "Eater's point of view" angle from above, you can take your shots from interesting perspectives, such as at the level of the food or targeting the yummier details of the dish. There are no limits to how creative one can be in picking photo angles for food stock photos and drink stock photos.

For example, you can use close-up shots for dishes that contain several ingredients or drinks with several layers. When shooting pies and sandwiches, it is best to split them in half to reveal the appetizing ingredients inside.

Feel free to take several shots from various angles and pick the best later.

Incorporating people

Food and drink images that show humans either preparing or consuming meals can evoke strong nostalgic sentiments in your viewers. For instance, a food and drink image showing a family at a meal would, no doubt, remind people of their past similar experiences with their own families.

Using humans for food images and drink images injects individuality in the picture and renders it more easily relatable to viewers. It is important to ensure that the individuals depicted wear clothes whose colors complement the food and drinks before them.


There are several apps on the internet with which you can edit the texture, brightness, or color tones of your food images and drink images. So even if your images contain some mistakes, they can most likely, get fixed. You are just one Google search away from these apps!

Take care, however, to avoid tampering with the colors so severely that they appear unnatural and, therefore, unappealing.

Some equipment you need to produce great food stock photos and drink stock photos include


Tripods are necessary to maintain consistency, especially when you need to take multiple shots. Tripods keep the camera steady and avoid variations in angles when you need to shoot several dishes.

Color correction cards or gray cards

These help keep the tone of your colors moderate and prevent your food stock photos and drink stock photos from appearing in unnatural yellowish hues.


Though it is very much possible to take amazing food images and drink images with your smartphone, professionals generally prefer to use cameras because of the higher quality photos they generally produce.


It is important to know what type of sensors your camera has before choosing lenses. If it has full-frame sensors, 100mm is recommended. If it does not, 50-65mm lenses can be used.


To avoid the risk of your battery exhausting its power while you are in the middle of food images and drink images photoshoot, it is advisable to ensure that your camera battery is always fully charged and that you have extra batteries at the ready.


Although natural solar light remains the preferred mode of lighting for most photographers of food images and drink images, in cases where sufficient or suitable natural lighting is unavailable, artificial lighting is necessary. Instruments for artificial lighting may include umbrellas for filtering and LED lights.

Backdrops and props

These may range from kitchen utensils, dining tables, and silverware to artworks for the food stock photos and drink stock photos background. Tasteful backgrounds and props accentuate the beauty of food images and drink images. It is important to remember to use various backgrounds and props for different pictures.

Popular food images and drink stock photos on photoAC

We all love food. But where can we get high-quality pictures of our darling food and drinks? photoAC is the answer! At photoAC, there are thousands of royalty-free food images and drink images of the best quality from all parts of the world waiting for you to download and use them as you wish. Some of the most popular categories of food stock photos and drink stock photos available include

- Cooking images

- Different nutrition and ingredients images: fruits images, vegetable images, seasonal ingredients

- Different types of food images: healthy food images, fast food images, sweets, snacks, and junk food

- Different types of drink images: juice, mineral water, beer, wine, milk tea, tea

- Food and drink from different countries: Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food.

All these and much more are available on photoAC at no cost at all!

How to use food images and drink photos effectively

For printing

Food and drink images can be used in printed text such as in books to break up the monotony of blocks of writing and improve the book's general aesthetic quality. photoAC has a great stockpile of food images and drinks images which you can download and use for your printing needs.

For marketing

We eat with our eyes first. So goes the popular saying. A fast-food outlet or food delivery company stands no chance of competing favorably in the market if it uses poor quality food and drinks images for its brand promotion campaigns. Many companies have taken cognizance of this fact and often hire professional food stylists and photographers to produce food images and drink images for their marketing. Good pictures of food and drink can stir up a hunger as well as nostalgic emotions in viewers and draw them to buy your product, patronize your brand or visit your restaurant or hotel. Do you wish to improve your company's marketing prowess by utilizing food stock photos and drink stock photos? Search no further! photoAC has thousands of beautiful food images and drinks images that you can download and use for free.

For website and apps

With the growth in popularity of the internet, more and more people are turning to the web for inspiration on food and drink-related issues. food stock photos and drink stock photos are invaluable to owners of food recipe blogs and websites. And what are a food recipe website without food stock photos and drink stock photos? Such sites often feature pictures of the food blogger or chef beside images of sumptuous food and drinks.

Also, companies that produce kitchen and dining equipment often choose to use food stock photos and drink stock photos on their websites. This shows the viewers the practical use of the pieces of equipment which the company has on sale.

Furthermore, several recipe and cooking apps have gained increasing popularity among "foodies." Such apps can use food stock photos and drink stock photos as their icons and cover pictures. On photoAC, a wide range of free food stock photos and drink stock photos are available!